World’s thinnest keyboard revealed

World’s thinnest keyboard revealed

World’s thinnest keyboard revealed

The Cambridge based research company CSR (the minds behind beats headphones) have revealed a prototype for their new creation. The keyboard is rather skinny, being less than half a millimeter in thickness (0.49 as you can see in the image).

The keyboard is aimed to pair up via Bluetooth with tablets and mobile phones to allow an easily portable means of typing. Although in my eyes it just looks like a slightly smaller Microsoft Surface touch cover, however it does appear to have some differences; one being in a demo video it can be seen to bend and curl slightly up, which is something the Surfaces touch pad cannot do so elegantly.

Users will probably experience trouble adapting to this keyboard, as an owner of a Microsoft Surface I can relate as I often find myself missing letters or pressing keys I hadn’t intended on its alien flat keypad.

Overall it does look very sleek and aesthetically pleasing, although being so thin and light I can see myself losing it as a strong gust of wind blows through an open window.

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