Windows 8 Phone

Windows 8 Phone

Windows 8 Phone

The next version of it its smartphone operating system, as you can guess, shares much of its code with the firm’s PC system, making it much easier for developers to write programs for them.  More features that were announced at the Windows Phone Summit event in San Francisco included:

  • The ability to work with difference screen resolutions including 720p
  • Support for removable Micro SD cards
  • Support for multi-core chip. This allows the device to off cores when the device doesn’t need it to preserve battery life.
  • A new wallet app which allows the phone to act as a credit card. It also supports NFC (near field communication) payments.
  • A more customisable start screen allowing users the choice of three tile sizes and more colour options.

And many other features

Previously there had been an issue where Skype uses weren’t able to receive calls if they had another app open at the same time. This problem has now been addressed in the latest Windows 8 OS so users can now receive calls while using other applications. This also goes for other VoIP and video chat technologies that run in the background.

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