Will A One Page Website Work For Your Business?

Will A One Page Website Work For Your Business?

Will A One Page Website Work For Your Business?

Will A One Page Website Work For Your Business?

One page websites have been described as the future of the web. Whilst it is true they serve a unique function, they are not right for every business. And are page less websites just another passing trend that will eventually have their flaws exposed?

It’s fair to say that traditional web designs do pose problems for designers and end- users – especially now the majority of end-users are accessing website using mobile handsets.

Creating a website has to focus on user-experience on multiple devices. This poses a challenge when creating an optimal experience that combines performance and aesthetics without losing elements that define the brand.

And with the imminent arrival of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), the challenge for web designers becomes all the more difficult.

AMP will strip away elements of CSS, Javascript and HTML5 that compromise load speeds. As a result, online businesses will lose features of their website on mobile devices.

One page stories

Story-telling is proving to be an effective technique in content writing for marketers. People engage with stories because they reach our deeper emotions and our brains retain more information when we are inspired to create mental images.

The art of story-telling is now begging to show up in web designs. And the style has been prompted by the emergence of one-page websites. So if the goal of brands is to effectively communicate with their audience and create a user-friendly experience, page less websites provide a practical solution.

Furthermore, the templates for one-page websites provide designers with a platform that elicit emotional responses rather than promoting users to take action. This factor can surprise and delight users, thus provide a new experience they can enjoy.

Intriguing websites

Because one-page websites immediately immerse visitors into your brand story, there is instant engagement. And because you have less space to fill, there is only room left for intrigue.

And intrigue prompts people to take action and contact you.

Simplicity is an effective tool in web design. Minimalism has proven to work time and again on the web because end-users do not like clutter. Give visitors too many options and more often than not they don’t take the option you want them to.

Of course, the one-page minimalist approach cannot work for online businesses such as eCommerce sites that need to showcase multiple products. Nor will it work for companies that offer a diverse range of services that require technical descriptions.

But for the majority of professionals offering specialist services, one-page web designs offer a solution on several levels.

If you conduct a quick search around the web in any one profession, you will find the corporate nature of copywriting make firms sound the same. Readers cannot differentiate one from another and it is harder to make a decision which firm to choose.

Brand stories are unique. And one-page websites provide the perfect platform to connect with visitors on an emotional level. Ultimately this drives visitors to contact you and thus improve your conversion rate.

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