What’s Been Going on with Google In 2015?

What’s Been Going on with Google In 2015?

What’s Been Going on with Google In 2015?

If you can point your finger at one company with an intent to drive us into the future, it’s Google.

The Big G have grand designs to help us find whatever we need on the web and consistently advances technology to manifest our digital dreams.

And with major projects underway ranging from driverless cars, wearable tech and even extending life expectancy, it seems the master innovator has thought of everything.

So what has Google achieved in 2015 and what can we look forward to in 2016?

Mobile friendly

With an 89% share of the search market, Google is happy to shoulder the responsibility of improving search engine performance. This year saw the California-based company make mobile users teacher’s pet and their focus going forward.   don their cap to mobile users.

On the basis that mobile handsets are fast becoming the device of choice to conduct searches, the search giant – somewhat heavy-handedly – forced webmasters to upgrade their website with a mobile-friendly design or lose their rankings.

The benefit for mobile users is that every time you click on to a website, you now know it will fit into your screen and is easy to navigate.

Google photos

Following through on their pledge to online users organise their lives, Google also launched Google Photos earlier this year. A welcome move for photo fanatics and a safe place for the holiday snaps.

Now you can back up your photos and store them in the Google cloud, safe in the knowledge that you will not lose all your memory tokens every time your laptop, phone or tablet packs up!

Name change

The Google we all know and (kind of) love will always be Google – at least in terms of the search engine.

However, because the company has got its fingers in more cakes than Mr Kipling, the founders are restructuring “Google” under an umbrella company that will be called Alphabet.

Google will become a subsidiary of Alphabet with the intention of focusing solely on search – which after all is the company’s brand identity and bread and butter.

The Alphabet Group will be broken into other subsidiaries that will focus on specific projects such as Fiber, Calico and the wearable tech initiative “Project Jacquard”.

Android M, Phones and Phablets

Google has already earned brownie points for its Android operating system and its 6th generation update, “Android Marshmallow,” promises to make search even easier.

The dominant new feature is Google On Tap which allows users to access more information and links about content in your display.

For example, if you are reading a book review and want to know more about the author, you can bring up Google On Tap and find links to the writer’s biography and social media pages.

Another convenient feature users will love is the charger has a symmetrical design and plugs straight into your USB regardless of which way it’s facing. No more grappling around in the dark trying to figure out which way is up.

Other tweaks include NFC upgrades to your digital wallet, app permissions and a fingerprint scanner to increase the lock security.

Android M will be featured on Google’s latest mobile devices, the Nexus 5 smartphone and the 5.96” Nexus 6 phablet, both of which boast bigger and brighter screens than their predecessors – so our web designs look even better!

Project Ara

If you prefer to have a bit more control over your tech, you may be interested in Google’s Project Ara, the revolutionary smartphone consumers build themselves – a bit like an Airfix model.

Don’t get too excited just yet though as the project is still in beta testing, but will be launching in Puerto Rico later this year. All being well, Project Ara will prove to be a hit and we can play with our mobile DIY-kits soon!

Google is so full of surprises, we’re poised to know what innovations they will bring out next and can’t help but second guess their next move.  Their algorithm changes can be a pain in the website, but the search giant has changed business forever and most of us visit Google more times than we visit most other websites put together!


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