What Mobile Users Look For From Business Websites

What Mobile Users Look For From Business Websites

What Mobile Users Look For From Business Websites

The increase of mobile owners using their handhelds to browse the internet has been a major game-changer.

Not only was there the chaos of mobilgeddon which forced website owners to upgrade their online stores with a responsive design, mobile users also have a preference in the way content and information is presented.

It goes without saying that a web design should look aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye. But your site should also be convenient to navigate and have easy access to the most relevant information.

Relevant information

Mobile users do not want reams of content to scroll through before they find want they are looking for.

They want the most relevant details and they want it fast! But what information is the most important to end-users?

Well, a recent study by HubShout revealed the small, but most obvious details are the most significant – opening hours and contact information.

And you will get even more kudos if opening hours are displayed where they are easy to see – like the top of your homepage – and your phone number has one-click-to-call capability.

Other key design elements

Fast load times have been a top priority for mobile users for several years now, and speedy screens have been joined on the list with easily accessible information.

This is where a good web design pays dividends. Drop down menus give an at-a-glance insight into the types of products and services you provide and customer testimonials provide the reassurance.

Both elements should be displayed on your homepage within a quick finger scroll movement.

The promise of quality products should be supported with images that can be opened for better viewing, or even better video footage showing a demonstration of user benefits.

Lastly, clearly show customers how to reach your store. A Google maps pin is not always sufficient. Give written instructions of how to get there by foot, road and public transport.


Navigation – or if we want to be really flash with our terminology – information architecture, is one of the most important aspects of a web design.

To cut a slice from a long story, mobile users want to be able to find relevant information within a click and a scroll. Well, a few more is acceptable, but the point is, easy access to all areas.

Therefore, cut down on the ad bling and keep your content to a minimum on the homepage and landing pages. Save long product descriptions and sales pitches for behind-the-scenes.

So there was have it! The emphasis for mobile users is how user-friendly a website is on a mobile phone.

There is no scope for pinching, squeezing, or zooming and certainly not for links that cannot be prodded with a finger tip.

Suffice to say, if mobile users cannot use your website or they get frustrated looking for information, they will look for the information elsewhere. And that could mean losing customers to competitors.

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