What Customers Actually Want from their Ecommerce Experiences?

What Customers Actually Want from their Ecommerce Experiences?

What Customers Actually Want from their Ecommerce Experiences?

With the rise of the mobile web and more and more customers making the move to online buying, ecommerce has become an increasingly important part of business. And, ambitious businesses and brands can no longer afford to neglect their online presence.

If you’re considering creating an ecommerce site of your own, or you’re planning to give your existing site a makeover, knowing exactly what it is customers want from an online shop will help to inform your choices and ensure you get your site just right.

KIS – Keep It Simple

When a customer logs onto your site, they expect to be able to find basic information about your company quickly and easily.

Whether it’s your phone number, address, pricing policy, product information or the location of your physical retail spaces, your information should be clearly displayed and easy to locate.

If the products you sell are complex, try to create an easy to understand breakdown of their main qualities, ensuring that any industry specific language and terminology is kept to a minimum.

Be informative

Customers visiting your online shop will look to your content when making a decision about what to buy.

Creating detailed, clear product descriptions and explaining the differences between different models or options will help to inform your customer, giving them faith in your ecommerce site and helping to establish a relationship with your business.

Be quick

When a customer is ready to make a purchase, they expect the payment process to be quick and simple. Having to click through lots of pages or fill out forms is boring and time consuming and a lot of customers will simply abandon the sale and switch to another, simpler site.

By keeping your payment process quick and easy, you can ensure that you get as many conversions as possible, boosting your sales and giving your customers a good impression of your business.

Be personal

Before, during and after your customer makes a purchase, they expect to have their questions answered and to feel appreciated by your business.

By replying to queries quickly and in a warm, friendly tone, you can make your customer feel truly valued. Following up a purchase with a personal email and keeping them informed of future promotions and special offers that relate to the purchase they’ve made will help to cement this relationship and ensure that they continue to shop from your site in the future.

To ensure that your customer’s experience with your ecommerce site is not only plain sailing but actually results in a sale, get in touch with the Designaweb team today.

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