Website Blocking – Denied

Website Blocking – Denied

Website Blocking – Denied

Recently the hot topic in the technological media is website blocking. Distribution of copyrighted material has steadily increased and risen over the past few years, as the internet has become readily available for many more people.

Business secretary Vince Cable recently asked the current policy to be reviewed by the government, however they have made no changes to the website blocking policy. It was argued that a change in the current policy would deprive those who create new content through parodies or spoofs.

The Governments of USA and UK were under pressure from global media studios to block those websites which distribute copyrighted material. The UK seem to have turned a blind eye, the USA government is yet to respond.

It is estimated that 90% of the UK population regular breaks this law in one way or another, be it converting music from a CD to another format to uploading a copyrighted video trailer to YouTube. Simon Levine called it “Not very good law”, this indicates that it should be modified to be more appropriate to the modern day.

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