Top five trends in SEO

Top five trends in SEO

Top five trends in SEO

top 5 trends in SEO

Few things about successful web marketing are as misunderstood as SEO. Everyone who works in business knows the term, and probably what it stands for but there is a huge amount of misinformation and misdirected energy, even from some who claim to be experts.


Part of the problem is that SEO is a concept that is constantly evolving, responding to new technology and advancements. So unless you’re keeping up, your SEO might well become out of date quickly, having little to no positive effect on your business.


With that in mind, we’ve highlighted five of the ways it is changing throughout 2017.



Accelerated mobile pages, known as AMPs, are open source protocols that allow webmasters to create pages that can load almost instantly on mobile devices. It means your site can load up to five times faster and use less data. More and more brands are taking advantage of the benefits.


Dense content

People are a little tired of airy content that doesn’t say much, and are more adept at spotting keyword text. Recently there has been a surge in ‘epic’ content, which features lengthy and well put together content that has some real substance. The bottom line is, if it’s good enough people will read it. So it’s worth investing some time and money in quality.


Personal branding

Using personal branding you will have more time to gain user trust and drive more traffic to your site. As sites like Facebook continue to create algorithms that target individuals over group content, more and more businesses will start trying to follow suit. Creating personalised branding content can target your efforts where they will be more successful.


Machine learning

Algorithms no longer need to be created form scratch. Advanced machine learning has given them the ability to update themselves automatically. Terrifying vision of the future or essential business tool? You decide.



The lines will continue to be blurred between UXP and SEO over the coming years. Google already favours sites that are properly optimised for mobile devices and that load quickly. And it’s only going to become more dependent on factors such as these, so you can’t afford to ignore how well your site works and provides for the end user.


If you would like help or advice on any of the above, then get in touch with our team today. As experts in UXP, ecommerce and web design we are perfectly placed to help you achieve your SEO goals. From a full site redesign and to regular SEO services and tweaks, we can help you to develop a more effective strategy that will drive traffic to your site.



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