Top 5 graphic design trends for 2017

Top 5 graphic design trends for 2017

Top 5 graphic design trends for 2017

Much like music and fashion, graphic design is a constantly evolving art form. Just by looking at designed images it is often possible to date them fairly accurately, this is because there are prevailing trends and motifs that dictate style, colour, font and more. Graphic design from the 1970s is easily identifiable and very different to that which followed in the 1980s.

Even supposedly classic design like that of major brands, changes slightly to keep up with the current trends. So just what are the hottest trends in graphic design right now? Here’s our list of five of the most popular.

Bright and bold colours

The past few years of cool and controlled colours have given way to a new burst of brightness. Since Pantone crowned Greenery colour of the year, we have seen more designers using bold colours to create a big splash.

Colour transitions

As well as bold block colours, using colour transitions is really on trend. Flat colours have given way to multi-colour swatches, adding a new dimension of depth to graphic images and logos.

Hand drawn

Reflecting a more personal and organic approach that seems to be the way businesses are going, hand drawn and original images represent your brand with a touch of individuality. Generic stock images are a little corporate and impersonal. Plus, hand drawn images add a dash of fun.


A trend in home design and fashion too, keeping things minimal and sleek is also big in 2017. Intentional white space gives images room to breathe, with Scandinavian design at the heart of the new minimal craze. Keep the palette restricted and strong for maximum effect.

Modern retro

A combination of old and new, using retro typefaces combined with candy colours gives a distinct retro flavour to many new designs. This is not simple pastiche though, with a modern edge placing designs firmly in the present.

If it’s time your graphic design had a bit of a facelift to fit in with modern trends, then get in touch with our design team to find out more about what we can do for you. Graphic design is key for brand identity and effectiveness, with even a little upgrade having a big effect. With websites being the main visual portal into your business for many customers, making sure it’s appealing and on trend is very important in 2017.

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