Top 10 tips for choosing a domain name

Top 10 tips for choosing a domain name

Top 10 tips for choosing a domain name

Top 10 tips for choosing a domain name

Just like naming your business, picking a domain name is a big decision that involves many complex factors. It needs to be a name that is suitable, easy to find and easy to promote. So think carefully before you make the call.

To help you out, here are ten things you need to think about.

Make it easy to spell

Try and avoid words that are hard to spell or have multiple meanings. You want customers to be able to find your site without having to look it up in the dictionary

Keep it short

Long and complicated names might make you look sophisticated but they won’t help customers looking for your site. Keep it short, simple and easy.

Target local areas

If you trade in a specific area, say Norfolk, then you can try and use this in the name so that local customers can find you more easily.

Use keywords

Try and describe what you do in the domain. So, if you fix cars, combine this with the above point and choose a domain like

Use letters

Try and avoid using numbers or any other punctuation marks or characters – this includes hyphens. Sometimes they might be necessary but you should then register variations to be on the safe side.

Do your research

Is there another site with the same or similar name? Could customers get confused? Make sure that you name isn’t losing you customers or causing any mix ups.

Be memorable

Try and use a name that stands out, is easy to remember and makes sense. Check with friends and family and see how it sticks in their heads.

Use the right extension

The popular extensions like .com and .net are often taken but there’s a whole new range out there that could work for you, including industry specific suffixes like .photography.

Look after your brand

It might be worth purchasing any variations of close alternatives, including multiple extensions, in an effort to protect your brand and make sure competitors don’t muscle in.

Don’t put it off

Names get snapped up quickly so do it now rather than lose out to a rival. Here at Designaweb, we can help you to choose a suitable name and take care of all the details and registration process. So give us a call if you’d like to know more or are considering starting a business. We also offer a range of other web services.

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