Time for a NuCaptcha?

Time for a NuCaptcha?

Time for a NuCaptcha?

I’m sure you all have seen one of these things, it is a captcha. They are designed so only humans can submit data to websites. Slightly obscure text is displayed as an image, the user then has to type this is a text box below to submit a form. This is designed to prevent spam bots churning up spam submissions.

In a recent study it has been found that up to 25% of humans get stuck on them too, a rethink was needed. Oh look, what’s this? NuCaptcha!

View an active demo here

You should notice some differences straight away, firstly you only have to enter in 3 characters. This makes it both quicker and easier for the user. The moving image means that it is even harder for a computer to recognise the containing text. This seems to be a decent rival to the ReCaptcha by Google

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