Should You Be Thinking of Web Designs For Wearable Tech?

Should You Be Thinking of Web Designs For Wearable Tech?

Should You Be Thinking of Web Designs For Wearable Tech?

Should You Be Thinking of Web Designs For Wearable Tech?

The devices consumers are using to browse the web and interact with brands are getting smaller. And we’re talking wristwatch smaller, spectacles, even fibre-optic material woven into clothing.

Wearable tech has been around for some time now. Yes, the technology got off to a slow start, but now developers are finding beneficial uses for them, wearable tech is likely to feature more prominently in society sooner than you might imagine.

Industries such as the healthcare sector are already using it. Medical grade sensors enable patients to monitor their own wellbeing without waiting for the body to send the warning. By which time it could be too late.

Health-related data has since been adopted by manufacturers of sports and fitness monitors in the form of apps for mobile phones.

But rather than strapping a 5-inch smartphone to their arm, it is a preferable solution is for fitness fanatics to wear watches, fitness bands or sports clothing that can measure heart rate, weight loss, calorie loss and performance.

The wearables market

As wearable technology advances, the number of clients web development companies will receive requesting designs will increase. Is this something you should be thinking of now?

It’s not merely a matter of perfecting designs for smaller spaces that are easy on the eye and functional. Wearable designs are a commodity you can upsell to your existing customers.

The number of industries that can take advantage of wearables may be limited now, but it is only a matter of time before the technology becomes a consumer necessity.

Vendors will replace chip and pin machines and service solution providers are already showing an interest in wearable tech to develop a means of taking advantage of this emerging market.

The number of smartwatches shipped globally has risen from 1.23m in 2013 to 24.92m in 2015. This is how quickly interest in products can change. Even Google Glass is projected to shift 3 million units this year.

What next for wearables?

On a personal level, wearable tech is limited to monitoring health and fitness, and making it more convenient to check email, newsfeeds and notifications. For now, smartwatches are winning the wearable war.

If you’ve misplaced your car keys, you can find them with a click of a button. You could even track you pet dog, cat or canary. And hopefully you won’t locate the canary in the cat.

Google and other tech companies have invested heavily in technology that is conducive to the environment consumers are in.

And the potential for digital eyewear is huge – particularly when you consider 3D technology and the exciting prospect of virtual and augmented reality.

Web designers and developers can expect to face interesting challenges in the very near future. And it might be in the best interests of your business to start thinking about how you can make best use of design in wearables before your rivals do.


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