Things are getting chilly for Facebook

Things are getting chilly for Facebook

Things are getting chilly for Facebook

Facebook have revealed plans to build a new server farm just outside of the Arctic Circle. Luleå, which will be the new home for Facebook’s servers, has an average temperature of only 2 degrees Celsius making it the perfect environment to cool one of the world’s hungriest server farms.

The two biggest costs of server maintenance are electricity and cooling. And Facebook thinks they have these covered.  Little or no cooling will be needed for the servers at the outside temperature should be able to keep everything nice and cool. Luleå is located in close proximity of the Luleå River; the dam there creates a surplus of energy equivalent to the Hoover Dam’s output.  This means there is plenty enough to go around.

But don’t think this energy is going to come cheap, this server farm would use over 120MW of power; that’s going to cost 45 million pounds every year.

But wait, there’s more. Facebook engineers are also attracted by the high reliability of Sweden’s density of its fibre optic grid renowned for being one of the best networks in the world.

Facebook’s plans seem expansive and exciting, is this setting the way for server farms in the future?

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