The UX of a Web Design is a Team Effort

The UX of a Web Design is a Team Effort

The UX of a Web Design is a Team Effort

The design of a website has to provide a good user-experience. But designing an online store front goes far beyond the look, feel and usability.

Whilst the information architecture is vitally important to the performance of a website, the tools and skills available today give developers all they need to create a website that is easy to navigate.

Difficulties arise however when websites have to be made responsive to fit into any screen. And that means shrinking content down to fit into a 5-inch display. And web designers still have to think about creating an experience in a limited space.

With so little landscape to work with, the design team can clash with content curation specialists. Content has to become a part of the design, otherwise you risk losing the UX.

How to create a better user-experience

Consumers typically want one of three things; to buy products, to be entertained or to find information. But regardless of what they are visiting your site for, they want access to relevant content quickly.

Your website therefore has to be user-friendly. Show visitors where they need to go at every turn. Remember, this is your virtual house and first-time users have never been here before.

Online businesses also need to build trust with your audience. UX is huge for this. Every page has to provide a good user-experience. And that includes eye-catching visuals and engaging content.

Each page needs to be unique. It needs its own theme, its personal message to your audience. But each page also has to be accessible across multiple-devices.

According to, shoppers use an average of five different devices to purchase products. And the screen sizes of those devices range from between 5-inches to 90-inches.

To ensure the performance of on-screen content provides a good UX on multiple devices requires a team effort – which means bringing your best creative minds together.

Why you should test UX

The creative process behind developing a good UX should not stop with your creative team. User-friendliness needs to be tested by fresh eyes that were not involved with the build.

By using other members of staff to test the UX will give the design team fresh insights they can tweak before launching the page into the live arena.

A fresh pair of eyes is just as valuable to the end product and gives the rest of your workforce an active involvement in your online store before launch. This sense of contributing is good for morale and team bonding.

Building a website is more complex for both designers and content creators. But it’s the challenges that makes the process that much more exciting. And team work always feels more rewarding at the after-party.

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