The Growing Popularity of Mobile Apps

The Growing Popularity of Mobile Apps

The Growing Popularity of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps became popular with online users in 2014 and according to a report published by Nielson last year, apps are growing in popularity.

It was touch and go whether apps would survive. Their original function was to provide information retrieval or general productivity, but more often than not the usability of apps had a short shelf-life.

According to a 2014 assessment by, repeat app usage dropped to around 13% within a week. But attitudes are changing towards apps and developers are beginning to understand that users want real value.

There is a lot to be said for public demand. Within a year, the low retention rates of apps saw an influx of developers driving fresh ideas which led to a rapid expansion of useless apps.

Entertainment features within apps became an effective trend, but so did apps that serve a practical purpose and that can be customised to serve the users need.


How are apps increasing in popularity?

Mobile apps have become a powerful tool for marketers. By creating a unique user-experience that offers real value to end users, firms can merge mobile marketing strategies into their apps.

As a result of unique ideas, app retention and usage enjoyed a 26% growth rate last year. Statistics produced by Nielsen in the US, show that men use apps an average of 27.2 times whilst women use apps 26.3 times.

However, women tend to stay on the app longer, spending an average of 38 hours a week using the app. App usage among men is only slightly less at just under 37 hours.

The figures show that app engagement is important to the success of an app. If an app improves an end-users mobile experience or makes their life easier, they are more likely to use it time and again.

The most popular form of apps is entertainment, closely followed by music apps. And the increase in video consumption on mobile devices also witness an increase of video app downloads.


Building deeper relations with deep link apps

Building strong relationships with customers is among the principle aims of a company. And engaging mobile apps offer a solution to help bridge the virtual gap between company and customer in the online world.

Some companies can even take advantage of mobile technologies to build bridges between the virtual world and the physical world.

Apps that can be used in-store to help make the purchasing process easier or provide more details and peer reviews about your products go a long way to providing excellent customer service and customer loyalty.

Furthermore, since Google introduced deep links in apps so they can appear in search results, your marketing and development efforts do not go to waste.

Providing your app engages your audience, offers convenience or allows them to customise their user-experience, mobile apps are a great tool to connect with customers, improve customer loyalty and expand your brand visibility online.

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