The Games Console War Rages On

The Games Console War Rages On

The Games Console War Rages On

Microsoft have now given a release date for their Xbox One console which is set to hit the shelves a week before their rivals (SONY) PS4.

Both consoles have been made to similar specs, both have around a 1.6-1.75Ghz estimated clock speed. Again both have 8GB RAM and both boast Blu-Ray/DVD optical drives. SO as you can see, most of the system specs are either similar or are slightly in ones favor.

The Xbox One is priced at £429, whereas the PS4 is priced at £349 making it the cheaper console by far. However the Xbox One comes with a Kinnect, which more than makes up for this price difference! Xbox One also comes with a copy of FIFA 14 for those who pre-order the day one edition.

All in all, both consoles are set to be a great entertainment experience for all users. The upgraded specs when combined with the stunning next gen games that have been announced are surely going to impress customers.


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