The Fortune of the Tracking Cookie

The Fortune of the Tracking Cookie

The Fortune of the Tracking Cookie

Last month the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) announced that they will no longer be asking for user’s consent before placing cookies on their computer. The ICO’s sudden change in direction is not to the surprise of many web developers, twice now the ICO have amended their laws on cookies.

A cookie is a small file which a website stores on a client computer to hold information such as session data and visiting history. Previously the ICO have been concerned about the possible negative privacy implications that users face when visiting websites that use such tracking cookies.

This change has come to the anger of many web developers who have already spent hours, possibly days adapting their websites to adhere to such a preposterous law. Big name websites including Amazon, Google and Facebook remained defiant against the ICO’s guidelines of cookie compliance. Although these companies may be slapped on their wrist for their actions, neither of these companies has ever been prosecuted for their audacity.

When will the ICO reach a definitive cookie law? Will developers still integrate cookie compliance in their websites?

In my opinion, the absurd law should have never been passed in the first place. I very much look forward to its timely expiry.

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