The changing tech landscape of Norfolk and Suffolk

The changing tech landscape of Norfolk and Suffolk

The changing tech landscape of Norfolk and Suffolk

With a thriving start up scene, vibrant digital culture and young, energetic workforce, it’s no wonder that the towns and cities of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire are home to some of the most exciting technology companies in the UK.

From programming to web design Suffolk, Norfolk and the East of England are beginning to compete with established technology centres when it comes to innovation and impact.

One of the main hubs of this emerging industry is Norwich, a city packed with innovative organisations and tech savvy entrepreneurs.

Boasting a 21% growth in technology companies between 2010 and 2013, the sector now employs around 15,000 people in Norwich alone, with several other established and newly emerged companies dotted across the region.

In fact technology has become such an important part of the economy of Norwich that the city has ben identified as a ‘vibrant digital technology cluster’ in a key national study by government funded body Tech City UK.

Though not labelled as one of the twelve fastest growing tech regions by the study, Norwich is still an important city for start ups and
innovators. And with the low cost of living, easy collaboration between businesses and availability of workspace it’s a fantastic place for ambitious companies to base themselves.

The technology industry in the East of England covers a wide variety of specific sectors, with programming, development and design all very important areas within the industry. So whether you’re looking for a mobile app or innovative web design Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and
Cambridgeshire have it all.

In fact, for businesses looking for affordable web design Norfolk offers some fantastic choices with companies in the region able to offer very competitive rates and first class services.

As the industry becomes more important to the local economy, investment, growth and innovation are sure to follow, with some national and international companies already looking to invest in the region and its burgeoning tech cluster.

The growing technology landscape of the region is great news for emerging local talent as young people looking for technology jobs no longer have to leave the region to pursue their ambitions.

In fact, from programming and mobile apps to marketing and web design Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk boast some of the most exciting and fastest growing names in the business.

Giving young people a fantastic opportunity to be part of an exciting and innovative technology scene, the vibrant digital landscape of East Anglia is definitely one to watch for anyone interested in the future of web design and innovation and everyone at Designaweb is proud to be part of it.

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