The Basic Do’s And Don’ts Of Search Engine Optimization

The Basic Do’s And Don’ts Of Search Engine Optimization

The Basic Do’s And Don’ts Of Search Engine Optimization

SEO has become a major part of good web development. If you have a good website, but have used poor SEO techniques, then your website will place poorly when searched for through search engines such as Google and Yahoo which use complex algorithms to link search results with the most relevant websites.

Keywords and key phrases are the main weapons at your disposal; these involve essentially giving a description of what content is going to be on each page of your website. These are placed within tags in your HTML documents, although when you should avoid spamming keywords or using irrelevant ones as this will give your site a worse rating and will place you lower.

Other methods you can use are as such:


  • Linking back to your own pages on each page, this will boost the amount of traffic that passes through each of your pages.
  • Avoid using flash and images to display text as the search engine ‘crawlers’ which access your site cannot read text in these formats. And when you do use images, make sure that you accompany then with a good description of what is being displayed.
  • Create a sitemap which will allow crawlers to search through your entire website.
  • Where possible, link your site with appropriate social networking sites. Twitter is a common one and allows you to post links to your site and updates frequently.
  • Blogging is also a powerful tool for SEO as it allows you to post updates and distribute links to areas around your site.

 Example of an XML sitemap

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