The Apple Affect – How will the Apple Watch effect web developers?

The Apple Affect – How will the Apple Watch effect web developers?

The Apple Affect – How will the Apple Watch effect web developers?

The recent launch of the Apple Watch hasn’t just got tech-savvy consumers excited, the world of web development and design has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this long awaited product for some time.

Though the uptake of the watch is set to be slower than the iPhone or iPad, its tiny screen size and specific operating systems are guaranteed to affect the way developers build apps and websites in the future.

And though some of these innovations will be purely for the Apple Watch, others will spill over into general web development, affecting the way we experience and interact with the internet on all of our devices.

Simple navigation

The main change we’re going to see as Apple Watches become more popular is ever-simple navigation.

As devices have been getting smaller, users have become less willing to dig down through menus to find the information they’re looking for. As the Apple Watch has an even smaller screen than an iPhone or iPod, it’s more important than ever that developers place information literally at our fingertips.

Though perfect for the Apple Watch, simple navigation is also influencing iPhone and iPad apps as users become more in tune with good, time saving web design.

Data at a glance

Apps that are specifically designed for the Apple Watch need to be clear, concise and quick to understand.

Information has to be available at a glance, giving users the ability to check notifications, emails and other data without opening up too many apps or pages.


As the Apple Watch operates slightly differently from iPhones and iPads, it requires some specialist coding.

If you’re new to the world of Apple Watch development, there are plenty of resources online that will help you to adapt existing apps and design new apps to fit the platform.


One of the big attractions of the Apple Watch is its ability to monitor your health. This gives the device a very personal feel, something that a lot of users are going to want more of in the future.

As a result, the apps we’re likely to see on the market in the next few years are going to be ever more personalised, with developers aiming to create programs that ‘get to know’ the user like never before.

Though it may take a little while to take off, the Apple Watch is set to change the way web developers work forever. If you want to get ahead of the curve, now’s the time to get involved and start swotting up on your coding and design skills.

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