Lucinda Stapleton

Lucinda Stapleton

I have nothing but praise and gratitude for Designaweb. Not only did they build me a great website (which I would now like to update and am saving hard to do so!) but the company has continued to look after me and my business needs ever since, some 5 years now. Their search optimisation skills are in a class of their own and as a result Designaweb keeps your business top of the search engine lists and I have had numerous orders as a result of this. They also look after my computer and printing needs and in effect are a "one-stop shop" for most of my business requirements. In addition to that the people behind the company are human i.e., helpful, available, efficient, patient (I can be a moron with new technology!), understanding and kind. I cannot recommend them more highly. I am a tiny cog in their business wheel yet in all my dealings with them they always make me feel like I am their most important customer! Working with Designaweb feels like an extension to my own business (I am a one-man band) and I value this working relationship enormously. You will be 100% looked after if you go to them with your business needs. A first class outfit.




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