Technical Issues That Impact SEO Performance

Technical Issues That Impact SEO Performance

Technical Issues That Impact SEO Performance

Technical Issues That Impact SEO Performance

If you notice a drop in your SEO rankings or your website is not loading, you should check some key technical aspects of your website. Technical SEO is simple to fix if you know what to look for. If you’re not technically minded however, consult a web development company or ask your host provider for help.

Host service provider

It is often the case that your hosting service is the first port of call anyway. Hosting providers are prone to tweaking their systems which can temporarily make your website unavailable. The cause of a drop in performance may actually be a technical glitch from their end that has not been updated or addressed properly in the first place. If you find that problems occur on a regular basis you should probably change your hosting service.

Content Management System

Other problems that are out of your control is issue with your content management system (CMS). Service providers here also update their platforms in an attempt to provide a better service, but updates can sometimes backfire. If you find you are having trouble loading content such as blog posts or images, check with your CMS provider to find out if they are updating their system.

Robot.txt file

Search engines need a way of communicating with websites so their crawlers can gain access. If crawlers are prevented from accessing your information, your website will not rank in search engines. Therefore, ensure your robot.txt file in enabled and that the box enabling crawlers access to your website is checked in your CMS. If you have canonized a page so that it cannot be read as duplicate content, double check the coding is correct. Sometimes when using robot.txt file to canonize one page, you can mistakenly mask the entire site.

301 redirects

Google has changed its stance on 301 redirects to make it easier for website owners to redirect pages without losing traffic. However, there is still a possibility that the redirect does not translate. For more information about the new rules for 30x directs, check out the latest pathways.

Algorithm changes

Search engine algorithms have a huge impact on rankings. And now Google has incorporated Penguin and Panda into its core algorithm, website owners might expect to find more fluctuations when updating sites. Broken internal links pose a problem and low-quality inbound links will also bring your ranking down so be sure to run technical audits either quarterly or every six months.

If it is not a technical issue that is affecting your SEO, the other cause may be the quality of your content. Check your performance analytics to determine if user-engagement is low. If you have high bounce rate and low metrics for length of time visitors spend on a page and number of pages viewed, visitors are not staying on your website.

Should this be the case, you need to improve the quality of your content and the user- experience of your website. You may need to redesign your site so that visitors can navigate it and easily find what they are looking for.

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