PHP v ASP.NET – Which Is Best?

PHP v ASP.NET – Which Is Best?
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PHP v ASP.NET – Which Is Best?

The debate between PHP and ASP.NET will rage on within the web development industry. In my experience, developers claim the platform they use is the best. Nobody has a definitive argument or answer, just a

Windows 8 Phone

The next version of it its smartphone operating system, as you can guess, shares much of its code with the firm’s PC system, making it much easier for developers to write programs for them.  More

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The new Windows 8 consumer preview was released the other week and has now reached over 1 million downloads. This is thanks to their announcement they made at the Mobile World Congress 2012 to get

The Top Free Email Services

Nearly everyone has their favourite email provider, but is it time to make the switch? Let’s take a step away from that spam-ridden inbox and see what else is out there.  Google’s Gmail is a

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