Microsoft set to release the ‘Surface 2’ while Tesco release budget Tablet

Microsoft set to release the ‘Surface 2’ while Tesco release budget Tablet
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The Games Console War Rages On

Microsoft have now given a release date for their Xbox One console which is set to hit the shelves a week before their rivals (SONY) PS4. Both consoles have been made to similar specs, both

UBI’s Touch-Display Projector

UBI have developed a combination of Microsoft’s Kinect and a projector to create a way of turning any surface into an interactive environment. The projector displays from the input as normal, but now the Kinect

Goodbye Hotmail

Microsoft’s mail service is hot no more with them killing off the name ‘Hotmail’ replacing it with ‘’. I’ve been with Hotmail for many years and it pretty much looks the same as it did

Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft has unveiled its own family of tablets called 'Surface' which will use its upcoming Windows 8 OS which uses will be able to choose from an Intel or ARM-based processor. Some analysts say that

Windows 8 Phone

The next version of it its smartphone operating system, as you can guess, shares much of its code with the firm’s PC system, making it much easier for developers to write programs for them.  More

The Top Free Email Services

Nearly everyone has their favourite email provider, but is it time to make the switch? Let’s take a step away from that spam-ridden inbox and see what else is out there.  Google’s Gmail is a

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