No Wires at Tesco

No Wires at Tesco
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No Wires at Tesco

Tesco are now starting to experiment with free Wi-Fi in their stores.   The idea is currently in a testing phase, however plans are to roll out the Wi-Fi nationally are not too far off.  

Is Flash Killing the Internet?

Flash is one of the most popular devices used on the internet to display media. It is used in everything from adverts to full blown webpages. One of Flash's main advantages is its performance, currently

Kindle on the Cloud

Amazon has just released their cloud based Kindle Reader. This allows anyone with an internet connection to connect to the Kindle cloud and download their entire book collection. Books can be read both directly off

Time for a NuCaptcha?

I’m sure you all have seen one of these things, it is a captcha. They are designed so only humans can submit data to websites. Slightly obscure text is displayed as an image, the user

Google Releases Native Client

Web apps and native applications have always been separated in the computing world; until now. The latest beta version of Google Chrome (Version 14) supports the running of applications written in C and C++. These

iPad 2 – Review

The iPad 2 is apple’s latest breakthrough in tablet technology. It is marginally smaller than its predecessor the original iPad; with a thinness of only 86 millimetres. Apple has really gone to town this time,

Mozilla OS or Mobile Support?

The Mozilla Foundation has recently started looking into the possibility of a Mozilla Operating System.   They have already sent a group of developers in to experiment with the idea.   However current users do not see

Adobe Edge – Preview

Web Developers from around the world have just got their fingers on the preview version of Adobe Edge. It was initially designed to be a specialised version of Dreamweaver, of which can effectively develop using

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