The Apple Affect – How will the Apple Watch effect web developers?

The Apple Affect – How will the Apple Watch effect web developers?
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The Apple Watch

In recent years we’ve seen a big increase in interest in wearable tech with many industry experts predicting that smart watches and glasses are soon to revolutionise the technological world. Though various products have hit

Apple iOS7 – The Breakdown

Apple are set to release their latest instalment of their highly anticipated iOS operating system along with the release of the two new iPhones. One of the most noticeable features is the new ‘flat’ user

iPad Mini

Rumours have been going round hinting towards the release of a smaller sized iPad, offering something different; a lighter, cheaper, pocketable device for consuming content such as books, magazines and video. Starting with the size,

The New MacBook

iOS6 wasn’t the only announcement made at the WWDC. Details of its next Mac operating system called Mountain Lion and their new MacBook Pro with a retina display were also mentioned. Starting with their new

Apple’s iOS6

Here at Designaweb we have been waiting with anticipation for what Apple would announce at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) last Monday.  With the news now out in the open, from a quick glance, some

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The new Windows 8 consumer preview was released the other week and has now reached over 1 million downloads. This is thanks to their announcement they made at the Mobile World Congress 2012 to get

Apple iCloud

Apple recently revealed more information on their iCloud service. iCloud is a service which allows you to synchronise your apps, documents, photos and other data across the internet. It is very much like the online

What is Internet TV?

An internet television is a television which is preconfigured to display online content once connected to the World Wide Web. Or can be a device such as the Apple TV, which is a set top

iPad 2 – Review

The iPad 2 is apple’s latest breakthrough in tablet technology. It is marginally smaller than its predecessor the original iPad; with a thinness of only 86 millimetres. Apple has really gone to town this time,

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