Skype To Dabble In 3D Video Calls

Skype To Dabble In 3D Video Calls

Skype To Dabble In 3D Video Calls

An executive from Skype has let slip that the company intends to make a push into the currently stagnant 3D market with their vision for users to one day be able to communicate face to face in a 3D environment.

The potential for users to view 3D content is already a reality as most modern monitors/TV screens enable 3D display, with this fact Skype have taken the task upon themselves and have started work in their labs developing and testing this potential technology in which they claim to have a working set up (which utilises a number of calibrated cameras to record the content), but are looking into how current devices would be able to handle this technology.

The main ambition for this technology would be to allow “body-doubles” to attend meetings that the user could not attend for one reason or another, but no doubt would eventually be taken up by general users to communicate as they currently would across Skype with video calls.


Although I doubt they mean to achieve something quite as fiction as the scenes from star wars, maybe one day if successful this technology could be pushing in that direction and it could become common practice to communicate to miniature friends and colleagues around the world literally in the palm of your hand.

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