Six ways to make your online shop more successful

Six ways to make your online shop more successful

Six ways to make your online shop more successful

No commercial company can really afford to be without an online shop these days. Selling online is a cheaper and more profitable way to do it, without the need for expensive overheads. But just like a physical shop where customers go to make purchases, the way your store looks and feels can determine its success.


With that in mind, here are six ways we think you can guarantee the success of an online shop.




If you went into a real shop and passed someone on the way out who told what a great experience they’d just had inside, you’re instantly in a positive place. Making that final decision to buy or not to buy often comes down to trust. A good review helps to give customers that little push to click ‘buy now’.


Quality images


Who buys anything online without looking at a picture? In fact, the more pictures the better. Use zoom functions, 360 rotations or even videos. Anything you can do to give a customer a clearer idea of what they’re paying for will help you to sell. Obviously, the better quality the pictures, the more impact they have.


Easy payment process


The decision to buy or not is made in a fraction of a second. The very fact of having to click through to another page or go and fetch a bank card can stall a sale. Make it easy to pay, through Paypal, Bitcoin or whatever other method and you’ll see sales rise.


Good design


Studies have shown that around half of us judge a website by how it looks within the first few seconds. If it looks old and cheap, it doesn’t matter if the content is incredible, no one will be around long enough to see it. Good design emphasises the product, keeps it simple and leads the eye to the important information. It’s what we do here at Designtec.


Related products


Ever bought a chocolate bar because it was next to the till when you were buying something else? It wasn’t an accident it was there, it’s an upsell. Of course, online you can’t really stick a box of choccies next to the checkout, but you can recommend related products.


Every sale page should come with a list of related products or similar items previous customers have bought. It’s an easy way of turning one sale into two.


Great copy


Pictures are essential but so is informative copy. What does the product do? What colour and size is it? How does it work? Well written content can evoke the sense of a product and convince a customer to buy. The more information the better.


If you’d like help with any of the above, or need a designer or writer to beef up your online shop, get in touch with a member of the team.

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