Should You Take Your Business Online?

Should You Take Your Business Online?

Should You Take Your Business Online?

This is the big question for many business owners today. Do you take the plunge and go online, or risk your marketing efforts through offline channels?

For many decision makers, it’s not an easy question to answer. There are some businesses that struggle to perform online, and unless you have a starting budget of at least £2000, there is no point even thinking about a web presence.

Yet many small business owners are enjoying the benefits of an online presence. Consumers increasingly rely on online sources to purchase merchandise, read peer reviews and compare prices.

Consumer behaviour therefore starts to make the question of whether to have an online presence or not a lot easier to answer. For businesses to be successful, you need customers. So you have to go where they are hanging out and chatting.


The benefits of an online presence

Building a website and creating great content opens you up to a wider audience. The online arena is a world of platforms used by billions of people all over the world.

By creating an online presence you have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and broaden the appeal of your company. Get your SEO right and the profits you make from online channels will enable you to grow your business.

The internet also gives you a platform to engage with your customers. Just about everybody that uses the internet has a social media account. Social networks are a great way to make yourself visible online and are free to set up.

But the real money is made through a website that creates a great user-experience and is functional on multiple devices.

Most modern day consumers access the web using mobile phones, but every device consumers use to devour content is a marketing transmitter for online business. You have to take advantage of new technologies.


Why small business owners are reluctant to go online

We understand why small business owners can be reluctant to extend their business on to the web. You worry about cost, the amount of extra time and resources it takes, and SEO is just confusing.

Yet the return on investment can supersede your expectations. Online marketing is less expensive than offline marketing, and if you get it right you will attract more customers.

It is true that time can be an issue, but that depends on how much involvement you put into your online marketing efforts yourself. Managing a social account only need take a couple of hours a day.

Writing content for your blog takes more time, but if you find a great content writer that delivers engaging copy for a reasonable price, their service will more than pay for itself.

A lack of knowledge about SEO is nothing new for clients. And yes, it can be confusing, but we will explain the basics you need to know. That will be enough to make you feel more confident about achieving online success.

However, you do need some patience as it takes a little time for your website to rank in search engines and attract customers. Online marketing is not an overnight success.

Start your online business with a well-designed website that is functional and provides a great user-experience and build from there. An online presence could be the transformation your business needs.

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