SEO – Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

SEO – Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

SEO – Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Recently it has been announced by search engines, such as Google, that social network activity will dramatically affect search result rankings. So which social network is best at boosting your websites rankings?

Let’s start with Facebook, the most popular social network, boasting over 800 million users globally. Initially it may seem that Facebook is the best option due to its expansive user-base. However Facebook and Google hate each other.

Here is why: Firstly Facebook likes to rank its pages internally, using variables such as number of likes or comments in order to order its pages. Secondly, a large majority of Facebook pages have privacy settings; this means that the Google bots struggle to crawl them. Thirdly, what Facebook may see as one page, Google may see as 4 separate pages, (Info, Wall, Notes, Pictures), which isn’t all too good for SEO.

Let’s move on to Twitter, Google likes Twitter a bit more than Facebook, indexing twitter feeds real-time. This is a real luxury for Twitter users, making it incredibly easy to start a trending topic if enough users commit to it. A largely unknown fact is that your Twitter bio is the meta description of your Twitter page, meaning that your bio is a great place to pack as many relevant search terms as possible.
All of your Tweets are also posted on one continuous page, under a SEO friendly URL, which means that search engine users should be able to find your twitter page with immense ease.

And finally Google+, the new kid on the block. Initially you would suspect that Google will favour its sister program, by promoting Google+ links above Twitter and Facebook. This may have been the idea, but it doesn’t seem to have worked… yet… It’s a bit too early in the game to judge Google+ in the grand scheme of things, as open beta has only just been released.

To conclude,
Facebook – May be good for a community following, but not ideal for SEO.
Google+ – It’s too early to tell, however, watch this space.
Twitter – Currently the SEO leader, however Google may cut them off in the future.

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