Seasonal Effects on Ecommerce Sales and How to Combat Them

Seasonal Effects on Ecommerce Sales and How to Combat Them

Seasonal Effects on Ecommerce Sales and How to Combat Them

Seasonal eCommerce

From social media marketing to SEO and good quality copy to special offers and promotions, there are lots of ways that you can boost sales on your eCommerce site and boost business.

However, there are some factors that you simply cannot control, one of the most important of which is the weather. Affecting everything from the products people buy to the quantity they purchase, the season can seriously influence the performance of your eCommerce site.

To ensure you don’t become an unwitting victim of the weather, here are a few of the most common seasonal ecommerce issues and a few tips for tackling them.


With Christmas fast approaching, the autumn is a crucial time for businesses in the retail sector. As the weather cools, more and more people will turn to their laptops, tablet computers and smartphones instead of hitting the high street, boosting sales and helping to increase revenue in the run up to Christmas.

Around October and November, companies need to start planning for the Christmas sales period, employing extra staff, ordering stock and researching which products are set to be big sellers during the festive season.

The autumn is also a good time for businesses to launch their Christmas social media campaigns and start getting customers excited about special offers and festive promotions.


What with Christmas and the January sales, the winter is a busy time for most businesses.

As your ecommerce store will probably receive more visitors during this period, it’s very important that you ensure all the of the features on your site are running smoothly and that it’s optimised for the mobile mobile.


As people start to think about their summer holidays, sales of certain items like sunglasses, books, clothes and cameras can go through the roof.

Retailers can use special offers and promotions to push summery products and promote certain lines. Social media can be especially effective for this as it will help to boost brand awareness and notify customers of any limited time offers.


Once the weather really starts to warm up, sales can drop quite dramatically. Research has shown that the warmer the weather is, the less likely shoppers are to log onto the web and buy products online.

Though some ecommerce sites will thrive in the summer months, online stores that aren’t geared towards summer sales can use this quieter period to give their site an overhaul, boost their SEO and prepare for the autumn and winter seasons.

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