Do you really know where you’re being marketed?

Do you really know where you’re being marketed?

Do you really know where you’re being marketed?

A number of major US and UK companies are pulling marketing from Google in a boycott over hate videos. It started out as a small story but has been growing all week. Now, it’s in danger of becoming a serious problem for Google.


The companies include AT&T and Verizon, who have suspended their use of the Google marketing platform after their ads were found to be appearing alongside videos promoting terrorism and other inappropriate content. The revelations about the ads appeared in the Times and the boycott now looks to be putting a big dent in Google’s billion dollar ad revenue.


In the UK, Marks & Spencer and Tesco have both pulled marketing, as have the UK Government.


When was the last time you checked?


All of which begs the question, if this is happening to some of the world’s biggest companies, how can you control where your digital marketing ends up? Of course, companies with mega budgets spread their marketing pretty thick, with ads all over the place. But this is Google we’re talking about – and everybody uses Google more or less.


The company has apologised and pledged to look at its policies and hire new staff to regulate what is happening to ad content and where it is being placed. The problem largely stemmed from YouTube, which is one of the fastest growing parts of Google’s ad revenue stream. It generated a massive £63 billion last year along.


If it can happen to the big guns, it an happen to you


These major firms assumed that their ads would be placed in appropriate places but it seems this is very much not what happened. Just imagine the damage this could do to a brand if not addressed quickly.


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