PHP v ASP.NET – Which Is Best?

PHP v ASP.NET – Which Is Best?

PHP v ASP.NET – Which Is Best?

The debate between PHP and ASP.NET will rage on within the web development industry.

In my experience, developers claim the platform they use is the best. Nobody has a definitive argument or answer, just a user preference.

Having said that, it is true that PHP is the more popular of the two. But the fact that it doesn’t cost anything to use has a lot to do with that!  ASP.NET on the other hand is owned by Microsoft.

Whilst a trial ASP.NET package is available for no charge, the web development applications are limited. If you are serious about becoming a web developer, you have little choice other than to fork out for the professional package.

What is PHP?

Let’s keep this simple. PHP is a programming language designed for web development.

Thanks to its ease of use, the platform rocketed from being a general purpose scripting tool to become the most popular open source platform in the web development community.

PHP is pretty flexible as it offers a number a frameworks and all the leading web hosts support the platform. It is rare for developers to have hosting issues when using PHP.

In terms of performance, PHP is part of the highly developed LAMP stack. In layman’s terms that translates to Linux operating system, Apache server, MySQL database and PHP scripting language.

Because the LAMP stack is widely used, web developers continuously optimize its performance – which arguably gives it the edge over ASP.NET, although that depends on who you ask!

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft which can immediately turn off Microsoft-hating developers. But the platform is not as bad as some members of the community make out.

The database runs off the Microsoft SQL Server so you have support from one of the leading corporations in IT – although you do have to pay for it.

The downside to using a Microsoft owned platform is that you have to invest in a machine that runs Windows. You cannot use it on an Apple MacBook for example unless you install the Mono project.

For learning on, the ASP.NET is adequate, but if you upgrade to the Visual Studio Professional, you are looking at shelling out around £350 for a standalone license, £30 a month for a cloud package or almost £800 for the standard subscription. Ouch!

No wonder so many web developers go with the free PHP option!

Before you decide which web development platform to use, it is recommended that you try both PHP and ASP.NET. It really is a choice of user-preference despite the obvious advantages PHP offers.

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