How To Optimise Your Homepage To Improve Conversions

How To Optimise Your Homepage To Improve Conversions

How To Optimise Your Homepage To Improve Conversions

The homepage is a breakdown of your business, your virtual shop window and the most visited page on your website. It therefore needs to be optimised appropriately otherwise you risk losing prospects.

It’s important for your homepage to have a great design which is pleasing to the eye, but it also has to function, provide insight and tell visitors what to do next.

The homepage is therefore one of the most important pages of you website, so take time to get it right.

So what should be featured on your homepage to ensure it is fully optimised and a catalyst for conversions?

How do I optimise my homepage?

The homepage should provide an overview of your business and the service you offer. There is no need to go into great detail with reams of copy here, just flag up what visitors can expect to find.

The next step is guiding prospects where they want to go. Navigation is important. Drop down menus are a useful tool to use if you offer a lot of products and services, and direct links embedded in page content is quick and convenient.

Consumers do not want to have to make decisions or waste time searching for what they want. Important information should therefore be signposted or visible.

Visitors want easy access to information they consider important – and that is the little details such as opening hours, location and contact details. Either make these key factors visible on your homepage, or at the very least, easy to find.

Using visuals

The aesthetics of your homepage should look professional and reflect your brand. Design says a lot about how trustworthy you are as an online business.

If you have a cheap looking homepage which is cluttered with text and advertising, don’t expect visitors to hang around and explore your website.

Visuals then are an important feature. They need to be tasteful and engaging, but without being distracting.

By all means use a variety of visual images; photos, video, icons, diagrams, infographics etc, just don’t clutter the homepage with images that are better placed elsewhere around your site.

Another reason you shouldn’t pack your homepage with images is because they carry too much weight and slow down the time it takes to load the page. If load times take longer than four seconds, consumers tend to look elsewhere.

Your homepage is often the first impression a prospect has of your business – so make sure you make the first glance a good one.

Be subtle, use the homepage to invite visitors to check out your products and services rather than showcase them. And don’t forget the call to action. Show visitors where to go next and convince them to go there.

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