Mozilla Announces Firefox OS

Mozilla Announces Firefox OS

Mozilla Announces Firefox OS

Just under a year ago, Mozilla announced, in a developer mailing list, a new project that was named “Boot to Gecko” which would be a mobile operating system capable of running applications built using web technologies just like native apps. This operating system could be run on certain Android devices, and only if the user had ‘rooted’ them. (‘Rooting’ is a process in which the restrictions imposed by the software developer to restrict potentially damaging code executing, is removed.) The user interface, Gaia, is built as a web application that runs on the phone and looks a bit like Android.

On July 2nd, Firefox tweeted:

The blog post announces Firefox OS for mobile devices. The project will be based on the existing Boot to Gecko project and already has device manufacturers’ and network operators’ backing. The software bridges the gap between mobile apps and web apps, allowing the application built for Firefox OS to access the underlying capabilities of a phone. The phone’s basic function, such as the calendar, calling, messaging, etc., will be based on HTML5. This could potentially open doors for developers to add more advanced apps to complement the existing, stock applications. For example, an app may be developed where a text message could be sent automatically.

Firefox OS enabled smartphones are slated to come out in 2013, but no information as of yet which quarter that’ll be.


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