Can Mobile Apps Improve Search Engines Rankings?

Can Mobile Apps Improve Search Engines Rankings?

Can Mobile Apps Improve Search Engines Rankings?

The rise of mobile apps in search engine rankings could soon change the entire SEO landscape. Since Google introduced deep indexing in apps, companies have been appearing in search results via apps rather than their website – providing the apps following search engine ranking protocols.

The reason for this is because apps are now given the same ranking priorities as static websites, but because apps are designed for specific purposes they typically offer a closer match to search terms than a website that has a wider spread of content.

Apps v websites

These ranking developments should cause online businesses to rethink their digital marketing strategy. For starters, there is potential for developing an app. But will apps replace websites?

Probably not! Your website is your shop window and will always be your online hub. Apps however, can become the drivers for your business in search engines.

Think of your website as your head office/fulfilment warehouse and apps as satellite stores that attract the attention of passing customers.

The good news is your website will require less maintenance. However that does not mean you can ditch content, you just need to adapt your strategy to reach more platforms.

Improved visibility

Apps don’t contain as much information as websites so are more keyword focused – thus rank better in search engines as the information is more specific to search terms.

You can also develop as many apps as you like all of which can be keyword focused. This will give you increased visibility across the board. The apps can be used to link into your main website.

Furthermore, if you are using apps to drive ranking, you could focus your attention on contributing guest posts as this enables you to widen your net across the net, position yourself as an expert in your field and drive traffic to your online store.

All in all, developing apps allows you to build your online profile and gives you more visibility across multiple platforms.

Apps may not be the answer to replace websites just yet, and for most online businesses never will be. Small businesses on the other hand may find more justification.

But there is certainly greater potential for online firms to build apps to support a static website. With improved online presence, you should expect to earn more from your digital marketing strategy.


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