Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft has unveiled its own family of tablets called ‘Surface’ which will use its upcoming Windows 8 OS which uses will be able to choose from an Intel or ARM-based processor. Some analysts say that hardware makers that are planning to use the Windows 8 operating system are going to feel aggrieved by the news that Microsoft has developed its own ‘companion hardware’. The devices will either use the lower-end of the operating system which uses low power processors and resembles the Windows phone or it will be running the full Windows 8 OS using traditional Intel chips.

They feature a 10.6” HD display and a case which incorporates a thin keyboard. It will also contain a kickstand so the users can use it standing up, and with the new case/keyboard, I should imagine it will also be very productive. The Pro version will offer up to 128GB of memory while the RT version will only offer either 32GB or 64GB. It also has support for USB 3.0 for the pro version and 2.0 for the RT. However Stuff like, price, release date and processor speeds are still being closely guarded.

One issue I have picked up on is there are some rumours suggesting it will only be available on Wi-Fi with no access to cellular networks. For some people this could be a problem, but if you ask me it’s not all that bad. Most people who are going to buy an expensive tablet most likely already have a smartphone, and most smartphones (maybe all) have a feature called something like ‘personal hotspot’ which you can connect a device such as tablet or laptop and use the phones data connection to access the internet.

Microsoft has more than 90% market share of desktops compared to any other operating system. But in the mobile world, it is completely the opposite; Microsoft has barely touched the ‘surface’. Apple and Google take the majority of the market and according to ComScore the number of mobile uses is expected to exceed the number of desktop internet users in 2014.

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