Microsoft’s Bing Now Includes Social Media Results

Microsoft’s Bing Now Includes Social Media Results

Microsoft’s Bing Now Includes Social Media Results

The second largest search engine ‘Bing’, developed by Microsoft has announced a revamp to its search results to now include information from other social media platforms such as Facebook. The change involves a side bar, one of now three columns to its page, which seeks and displays extra information on who might know about the topic based on what they ‘like’, their profile information, or relevant photos they have shared.

The move builds on a partnership between Microsoft & Facebook created when the Software-giant bought a 1.6% stake for $240m back in 2007, which is now worth more than $1bn when Facebook goes public.

“This will help Microsoft compete against Google and may encourage people to try switching to Bing”. Greenlight, a London-based digital marketing agency have different opinions suggesting that Microsoft could be encouraging Facebook to launch its own search engine that would be well integrated into the Facebook experience which could capture 22% of the global search market effectively tying its own noose.

Microsoft has nearly doubled its Market share to 15% but mostly at the expense of Yahoo with a search agreement making the results shown on Yahoo are actually performed by Bing, which Microsoft pay a percentage of search ad revenue. Google remains around 66%.

Microsoft has said that the service will be rolled out in the next couple of days in the US but has not mentioned any other locations.

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