Killer content and how to market it

Killer content and how to market it

Killer content and how to market it

The main aim of content marketing is getting the right information to the right people at the right time. When it works well it’s an incredible tool for growing brand awareness and building relationships. But all too often businesses think they can short cut to content success. The reality is that you need quality content that’s tailored to you and built around your strengths.

How does content marketing work?

The process has three main elements. Firstly, you need a strategy for creating the content, the right methods for producing it and then the ability to make sure it gets seen by the right people on the best platforms.

The content can take many forms, including blogs, white papers, videos, ebooks or others. But it can be the most informative and interesting stuff in the world and still not make any difference if no one gets to see it. The fundamental goal is to make great content that drives traffic to your site.

So the content needs to be attention grabbing and make your brand stand out. Tell compelling stories that your audience can identify with. Try to become a trusted and reliable source of information and people will keep coming back.


First off you need to think about and understand your clear goals. Depending on the nature of your business you may need content that is informative, funny or factual. The key is to try and fuse information and promotion. A clearly defined strategy is the best way to make it happen. Firing out content at random makes it more difficult to make an impact.


Many businesses lack the time or resources to create excellent content. It’s all too easy to let the blog fall to the bottom of the priority pile. But successful content strategies rely on discipline. If you can’t set aside time to produce and promote content then it’s a good idea to outsource. This is an essential PR tool you can’t afford to overlook.


Once you’re producing good quality materials you need to find your audience. Think about who you want to see it, and then push in that direction. Target the relevant platforms and social media bookmarking sites and try to cross-pollinate for maximum effect. Again, if this is not something you’re familiar with or struggle to hit your target, then outsource to professionals who understand the industry.

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