Is UK DNS blocking Justified?

Is UK DNS blocking Justified?

Is UK DNS blocking Justified?

In recent weeks website blocking has been in the news a great amount. The UK government plan to introduce DNS blocking of illegal file sharing or otherwise illegal websites. This is much the same system that they currently use in China. Chinese internet users are unable to connect to social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Google+.

This ruling comes after The Pirate Bay was brought up in UK court on the 30th April. The government now requires all UK ISPs including O2, BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Sky to prevent all of their users from accessing the site.

However this has led experts to question how effective these blocking systems will be. Proxies and VPN systems allow Chinese residents to tunnel around firewalls, the same security flaws will be apparent in any DNS blocking system.

The UK government also want unrestricted access to residents’ internet records without the need for a warrant. This questions whether ‘Internet Privacy’ will be a thing of the past. Other experts are taking a more optimistic approach. Mark Little says: “I know it’s fashionable to say ‘oh, it just won’t work’, but we should keep trying.”

Has the internet been a pirate haven for too long?

Is it time to police the internet more efficiently?

Will these new policies violate privacy online?

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