Is free hosting worth it?

Is free hosting worth it?

Is free hosting worth it?


At first you may think, “Well if it’s free, it’s surely worth it?” If only it was that simple, there are a few problems which you can quickly run in to.


Generally speed on free hosting sites greatly suffers; this could be due to limiters which are set. These services are usually very popular; having many users all running on the same server quickly slows down server response time.


Most of the free internet hosting companies have lucrative terms and conditions. Commonly they contain terms such as: “Your account can be terminated at any time, without reason and any data uploaded to the server will be permanently lost.” If you were working on an important project, and you had some important data on the server, that would be lost for good.


There are very few free hosting services, most lasting for less than a year. It is very hard to find a decent service, where you can securely hold an account with them. Free web hosts are usually a company which has an unlimited server package themselves.


In terms of databases you are usually limited to fewer than 3 databases; this can be annoying if your website, or blog, needs several databases to run. PHP functions such as “mail()” are often restricted on free hosting sites to limit the amount of spam which is sent out by the server. The terms normally state that the server can only be used in conjunction with a webpage on the same server and cannot be used purely as a file hosting site.


If the website is only a testing tool, then free hosting is your best bet. If you are working on something, even if it’s only slightly important, it is not worth the risk.

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