Is Flash Killing the Internet?

Is Flash Killing the Internet?

Is Flash Killing the Internet?

Flash is one of the most popular devices used on the internet to display media. It is used in everything from adverts to full blown webpages. One of Flash’s main advantages is its performance, currently its performance is far better than a HTML5 equivalent. However, Flash’s file sizes are usually bigger requiring a longer load time.

More people are now using phones and tablet devices as their primary means of browsing the internet, often on these devices flash is turned off by default or not compatible at all (such as the iPad and iPhone).

Full flash websites are not search engine friendly, they struggle to show up in listings.   This is because Flash pages do not offer unique URLs, these could be indexed by search engines; they also do not contain the html tags which can be used to add key words or descriptions to the website listing.

But then again, Flash has completely revolutionised the way which the internet works. Without flash, YouTube wouldn’t have taken off, nor would many other media sharing websites. Their backbone relies on flash, or should I say relied?

YouTube now use HTML5 to display the content on their website. It promotes to be faster, and more compatible with mobile devices. Due to the fact web browsers are not likely to fully support all HTML5 elements for a while it is likely Flash will remain a powerful force on the web for some time to come. The majority of media-based services are likely offer both a Flash version and a HTML5 alternative for those who have the required software, such as an up-to-date browser.

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