How to host and upload your website

How to host and upload your website

How to host and upload your website

So you might be wondering how you can test your code with ease; testing it locally can cause problems if your computer is not setup right and sometimes problems only occur when uploaded. If you’re going to move onto our PHP section you will definitely need to upload your files!

Is this going to cost you anything? Nope, everything below is totally free! Let’s start by getting a place to store your files. You can find a very long list of free web hosts here but from the list I would highly recommend 100 Webspace. They have a good rating, offer 100MB of free space and 3GB transfer which you will never use up (At least not when merely testing your websites).

Click “Sign up” at the top. You will be taken to a registration form. Check the button that indicates “Use a subdomain” and enter a name of your choice. This will be the URL you use access your website! Fill out your details and submit the form. The captcha seems to like it if you use lowercase letters only. Shortly after submitting the information you will receive an email with all your account details, open the email and login to the control panel here.

Once the page has loaded you will see a variety of buttons and links, click the “FTP Manager” link. You only have one FTP account that has already been created. Click the pencil icon to edit the FTP account. Add a password to the account to secure it.

Once that is complete you need some software. We will be using an open source FTP client called FileZilla. It is totally free and can be downloaded from here. Make sure you download the client and not the server. Install the product and run it.

At the top of the application you will see a bar with “Host”, “username” and “password” on. Enter into the host field your domain which was listed in that email. Into the username field enter the username that is specified in the FTP manager, and then enter the password you set. Finally leave the port field blank, then hit the connect button.

Once it’s done connecting you will have a folder displayed on the right, just one, double click it. Now you will have a blank folder. Anything you want to test on the internet upload here. Any folders, images or html files. If you upload a file called “fileone.html” and you selected the subdomain “hello” you would access it by using

To upload a file you navigate to where it’s saved on the left pane and double click it. It will then upload and appear in the right pane.

Hopefully you can now upload, view and test your code with ease!

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