How Techy is Your Website?

How Techy is Your Website?

How Techy is Your Website?

W3Techs is an interesting website which crawls, and then ranks your website out of 100 based on the technology which is used within your page. It looks for things such as social integration plugins and traffic analysis tools to analyse how modern and effective you site is.

W3Techs evaluates the technologies which it can find on your site. For example uses the apache server, 81% of websites use this server and provides 43% of all web traffic. The average of these two numbers produces the score for that subsection. The average from subsections makes up the total score for your website.

The higher your score the more up to date and reliable the technologies of your website are. The website encourages you to use the latest versions of PHP and jQuery in order to boost your score. Even if you optimise your site with all of the most up to date versions of your software you will struggle to get a score above 75. This is due to the way that the algorithm functions, so a score above 60 is considered to be very good.

If you have a few spare minutes try testing your own site, you may find a few things that you can tweak and optimise.

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