Great Free Software for Web Developers

Great Free Software for Web Developers

Great Free Software for Web Developers

All links for the following software can be found at the end of the article.

Notepad++ is a free, open source text editor that offers a neat working platform for any developer. It supports many programming languages, including JavaScript, HTML, Java and PHP. If you are still using Microsoft notepad, or a stone age text editor you should consider giving this a go. is a popular photo editor and image manipulation solution. Offering many of the same features as premium software, is a great package for any web developer, and even better it does not break the bank as it is completely free. promotes itself on its usability and gentle learning curve.

FileZilla is an open source FTP client for Windows and Mac. Firstly and foremost FileZilla is fast and reliable, furthermore it is packed with endless features. This free solution supports all the latest technologies such as IPv6 and SSH. The friendly interface is designed to mimic Windows explorer, making it incredibly easy to pick up and use.

Dropbox is a great utility that allows you easily to upload, backup and share work online. This is extremely helpful if you are communicating with clients and colleagues. The free version offers you a reasonable 2GB of storage, which is more than enough. However a small fee is required for more space.
In conclusion I would recommend all of the software above to anyone that would like to get into web design, or update their outdated tools.


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