Graphic Design Is An Investment

Graphic Design Is An Investment

Graphic Design Is An Investment

Graphic Design is an Investment

Creatives in the digital marketing industry have been designing mobile first websites for a while now. And graphic design is going to play an even greater role from here on in.


A couple of weeks ago, Google spokesman Gary Illyes announced the search engine giant was moving to a mobile-only search index which will become the primary index.


This means that the content you publish on your website needs to be mobile-friendly otherwise visitors will not hang around to explore.


A mobile-first world means providing users with an experience that is suitable for end-users on a mobile device with a smaller screen. Large swathes of text are not appropriate.


Merely having a responsive website does not constitute as a mobile strategy either. You still need to publish content that engages readers and guide them along the purchasing path.


And this is where graphic designs make you money. Visual images are not there just to make your web pages pretty. They are stepping-stones to the buy button that communicate with the visitors along the way.


Why you need unique graphic designs


According to Hubspot, content with relevant visuals receives 94% traffic.

The key word in the sentence above is relevant. It has become a custom for publishers to add photographic images to content in order to brighten the page up with visual effects.


However, it is often the case that the images do not always compliment the content, or the idea is too conceptual for readers to make an obvious connection.


Furthermore, most of these photographic images are stock photos that have been sourced for free from image-sharing websites. Eventually, the same images get used so much, consumers begin to lose trust and faith in your brand.


Especially when the images are used for landing pages to attract customers through search engines. The mobile-only index is going to be the first contact consumers have with your brand.


You want to make a good impression.


Appealing to mobile users through visuals


Graphic designs do not have to tell the entire story. They can be used to compliment ads or as a gateway to longer pieces of content that contain more information.


Just because Google is putting mobile devices first, it does not mean we will all be dispensing with our desktop computers. After all, people want information and we relyonn the internet to learn about the things that interest us.


Furthermore, the majority of consumers research products and services online before they buy. The research process can take up to one month.


Powerful graphic designs stick in the mind of consumers longer. When making a purchasing decision, they will go with the brand they feel resonates with them the most. And brands connect with consumers through content – visually-first, textually-second.


It is therefore vitally important that your purchasing path includes unique and powerful graphic designs that engages customers. Regardless of how long it takes a buyer to research a product, if you make a strong impression, you increase your chances of making a sale.


So invest in quality graphic designs, not stock photo images.

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