Google’s ‘Project Glass’

Google’s ‘Project Glass’

Google’s ‘Project Glass’

Google’s prototype augmented reality headset was shown off during one of its tech presentations at the I/O developer’s conference last Wednesday. The device can record and stream video in HD and display information through a small transparent screen above the user’s right eye. The device can either be controlled by voice or via touch pad which is located on the right arm of the device.

The company aims to make the device available for consumers by the end of 2014 but is offering what it calls an ‘explorer’ version for developers to start work on related software. However they will be charged $1,500 (£965) for the early prototype which is expected early next year. Some might be put off by the high price-tag but one developer said $1,500 is nothing compared to what they’ve actually done. “The prototypes that we used to work with were $15,000.” It can last up to six hours and is connected to the internet via a tethered phone. It currently can perform web searches, emails, and photos which can be seen in-frame.

There are however mixed reviews on these kinds of devices, which are considered intrusive, with the ability to start a recording a take snapshot with a blink of your eye.  Some people would also say it is bad enough with people tapping away at their phone every five minutes, and having this kind of device, you could be having a conversation with someone when they are not even listening to you.

I personally think that Google glasses look like an interesting piece of technology, and could be applied in many situations such as driving, however this is likely to bring up other foreseeable problems.

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