Google+ rocketed to over 25 million visitors

Google+ rocketed to over 25 million visitors

Google+ rocketed to over 25 million visitors

Google’s previous social networking attempts never really made it off the ground.   The execution of Google Buzz angered thousands.   This was because it incorporated itself in Gmail, displaying people’s personal details without the user’s permission.   In addition Google released Google Talk, something similar to Skype; however that ended as soon as it started.   Most people will not have even heard of it.

Google tried to get off on the right foot this time with their biggest social network adventure yet, Google+.   You have probably heard of it, in fact I am sure that you have heard of it.   It has received over 25 million unique visitors since its launch in late June.  It took Facebook three years to attract that amount of visitors.

Google+ boasts new features such as Circles, these are groups of friends. You can share information, statuses, audio, videos and photos with your different circles.   An example of this is: You take a photo at a wedding, but you only want your family to view it.   You would create a new circle, titled family, add your family contacts to it.   Then you would be able to share that photo with only people in that circle.

Hangouts is another feature of Google+, it is a video conference call that you can have with up to 10 of your contacts. The interface seems to be representative of Google Talk however the hangout software runs inside the browser.

Sparks is another new creation incorporated into Google+ it offers news, bulletins, videos, podcasts and other updates on the topics that you like.

Can businesses promote themselves using Google plus?   Businesses could set up circles with their customers, then notify of updates or promotional offers.   This could offer repeat custom if executed correctly.

Google is trying to be unique with Google+ and some of the features are extremely inventive.   Google’s new social platform has made a great first impression, but how will it match up long term against the kings of social media?

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