Google puts a Spanner in the Works for SEO Specialists

Google puts a Spanner in the Works for SEO Specialists

Google puts a Spanner in the Works for SEO Specialists

Yet again Google has made changes to its search algorithm, resulting in quite a shake up on the web. ‘Domain crowding’ is Google’s next target in its battle against spam web results.

Domain crowding is when multiple search results of the same or similar content, on the same website display next to each other on search engine results pages. Often this is little use to users as the multiple results are unlikely to assist them in finding the information that they want.

This newest update to Google’s spam fighting search process is version 4 in the ‘Penguin’ series.  The update on 22nd May 2013 is expected to have affected up to 2.3% of all search queries. SEO specialists have to rethink how they formulate content, titles and descriptions to prevent being detected as spam as of now.

Search engine optimisation is a constant game of cat and mouse. SEO specialists try to determine the best methods of increasing ranking positions whilst search engines try to adapt their algorithms to make it a fairer game, as well as providing users with the information that they actually want.

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and constantly being refined to provide users with the best search results possible, possible methods of reducing domain crowding are as follows:

  • Index pages more thoroughly, identify duplicate/similar content pages before an index file is produced
  • Limiting the number of times a single domain can come up in a search results page with the use of a filter
  • Automatically calculate the relevance and diversity of content on a website’s pages
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