Goodbye Hotmail

Goodbye Hotmail

Goodbye Hotmail

Microsoft’s mail service is hot no more with them killing off the name ‘Hotmail’ replacing it with ‘’. I’ve been with Hotmail for many years and it pretty much looks the same as it did back then, it hasn’t changed much at all. The new Outlook design is much cleaner. Hotmail just looked so cluttered and even had adverts. Not that I don’t use Adblock but that’s not the point. Although Outlook still uses adverts there limited however. has effectively been built on top of the Hotmail service, but you’d never know thanks to the new Metro UI redesign, oops I mean “Windows 8 style UI”. Apparently you can’t call it that anymore because Microsoft have been threatened with legal action over its use of the name believed to have come from German retail giant Metro AG who own trademarks on the word. Windows Phone users will feel right at home with the new design and so will future Windows 8 people. It looks very similar to Gmail in terms of design and layout but its metro styling gives it its edge.

So what kind of new features have they got on offer?

Threaded messages have become a standard feature in modern email or messaging services which has been a major missing feature in its previous hotmail service that drawn users away in favour of Gmail but thankfully has now been rectified.

SkyDrive – but I was already using that within Hotmail before the switch but I assume it’s better integrated. It does have 7GB of storage which is better than Google and Apple’s cloud storage both offering 5GB.

Office 365 has been integrated, meaning that you can view and edit documents right from within the email that the document was attached to. These include Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Like how you could instantly chat to people in Hotmail through Live Messenger, you can now do the same with Facebook chat, thanks to the dedicated right-hand chat panel.

Thanks to Microsoft Acquiring Skype in 2011 it also makes it possible to make audio and video calls through Outlook.

Sadly lacks IMAP support which will disappoint many users who prefer that over traditional POP3 support.


Over one million people reserved email addresses in the hours after Microsoft announced Those who already use Hotmail will likely applaud the changes.

It has many interactive features which overall just makes the experience better, each time you send an email the whole message appears to shrink  and be thrown away from you. The overall look of is much cleaner and more redefined to Hotmail

I am however going to miss the name ‘Hotmail’, ‘@outlook’ doesn’t sound as good.

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